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Add Washington State to the List of Top Gay Destinations!

Looks like we can now add Washington State to the list of top gay destinations with the expected influx of LGBT travel that will now choose to spend their gay dollars in that great state!  Combine that with this week’s smack down of “Prop 8” the California ballot measure ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals panel, signaling another positive step forward for residents of that great state.  Top all of this off with Ellen DeGeneres’ coup with her continued support by sponsor J.C.Penney’s and it’s been a pretty good week for the LGBT community.

Ellen DeGeneres Maintains JCPenney Support

Ellen DeGeneres Maintains Support of Corporate Sponsor Despite Hate Monger Moms' Attempt

Now we all know the balance swings to and fro. You win some and you lose some, but the news from Washington State is extremely positive as that state will now join “gay Hawaii” and eight other states in providing some form of marriage quality to US gay and lesbian citizens.   As you know, gay marriage in Hawaii has been legal since January 1 of this year in the form of civil unions, signed into law by our great Governor Abercrombie of the State of Hawaii.  We’ve never been more positive, welcoming or appealing to visitors to our great “gay island”!

It takes tiny steps sometimes and this is not something that is going to change overnight.  Let’s take a moment to celebrate the little victories while we continue to focus on the end goal.  To riff on the famous Dr. Martin Luther King, “we all have a dream” …  a dream to be treated equally and with respect by our peers and fellow citizens.  Kudos to Washington State, gays and lesbians in California and our beloved Ellen for making this a great week!

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