Gay Beach Hawaii

Find the Best Gay Beach Hawaii Has to Offer

GoGayHawaii takes the homework out of your LGBT travel planning!  In our quest to find the best gay beach Hawaii has to offer, we surveyed sand, surf and society across the entire Hawaiian island chain to bring you the best gay beach in all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Note that nudity is illegal at all state beaches in Hawaii and many places that used to offer a safe haven for hedonists are now regularly policed by authorities and law enforcement.  Take a cue from locals and use your noodle before enjoying what your mother gave ya in public!


Gay Beach Hawaii – Kauai

Donkey Beach – nude sunbathing when permitted (sometimes the cops will enforce clothing restrictions).  Very popular with the men.

Kauapea Beach – also known as “Secret Beach” it can be hard to find. Nude sunbathing when permitted and spectacular views.

Lydgate State Park – has lifeguards and showers, most popular area for gays is between the golf course and the condos.  Remember – this is a state park.  ‘Nuff said?


Gay Beach Hawaii – Oahu

Diamond Head Lighthouse Beach – remote stretch of beach, fairly secluded, no amenities available so bring food or drink with you.  Not officially gay Like Queen’s Surf, but the most popular area is below the lighthouse.  Nudity is illegal but many go nude here when not enforced.

Pipeline Beach — also known as Ehukai Beach is on the north shore of Oahu, and famous for surfing.  Lifeguards train here as well as surfers coming for the famous 30-foot surf known as The Banzai Pipeline.  Not nude, but lots of great eye candy!

Queen’s Surf Beach – popular with surfers and tourists alike this tiny strip along Waikiki beach is a non-nude beach and no cruising, but does offer social opps for mixing and mingling.


Gay Beach Hawaii – Molokai

Murphy Beach — aka “Jaycees Beach” – isolated and barely frequented, there’s plenty of sand to go around. Non-nude (there are no nude beaches on Molokai).  Wonderful for snorkeling and water sports.

Papohaku Beach – over three miles long, it’s one of the finest white sand beaches in the Hawaiian Islands.  Non-nude and not specifically gay, but spectacular nonetheless!

Puko ‘o Beach – gorgeous little beach next to a coconut grove, the signage may be missing for “beach access”, so ask a local or look about 0.7 mile past mile marker 15 on the Kamehama Highway 450, just before the village of Puko ‘o.  Again, non nude but amazing views!


Gay Beach Hawaii – Lanai

Hulopo’e Beach – known for its white sand beaches and coral formations, this protected beach is probably the safest place to swim on the island.  Not gay. No nudity.

Shark’s Bay — secluded with stunning cliff views, the swimming is poor to dangerous due to strong currents and rocks.  No lifeguards.  No amenities.  No nudity.  Not specifically gay, but not to be missed!

Shipwreck Beach – with excellent beach combing, shore fishing and hiking, Shipwreck Beach holds fascinating views of many ships that ran aground over the years, stuck, standing monstrously and abjectly out of the water.  Great for photo opps and other activities, but not specifically gay, nor is nudity permitted.


Gay Beach Hawaii – Maui

Little Beach — popular with gay men and nudist families, the beach is blazingly hot (bring plenty of sunscreen) and there are no facilities, so be prepared to use the bushes if nature calls.

Kaihalulu Beach – very small beach, not gay per se, rather known for its red “sand” which is more like red & black pebbles.  Stunningly beautiful for swimming and snorkeling but not flip-flop friendly.  Parking is tight.

Wailea Beach – exclusive to the tony Wailea Four Seasons Hotel, Wailea Beach is a prime location for swimming, sunsets and whale watching.  Not gay, not nudist and you must walk through the hotel grounds for public access – but it is the premier beach on Maui.


Gay Beach Hawaii – The Big Gay Island of Hawaii

Honokohau Beach – formerly a popular beach for gays and nudists alike, in recent years the police set up shop in the bushes and have really cracked down on nudity and other sorts of, ahem…extracurricular activities.  Be forewarned.

Kahena Beach — beautiful stretch of black sand beach on the Puna coast, south of Pahoa.  Secluded and popular as a nude beach, mostly gay men and you can swim out and cavort with the spinner dolphins!

Wailea Beach – Nude sunbathing is common when police aren’t enforcing on beaches 67 & 69 (no pun intended) and you’ll find great places to snorkel, swim and maybe even meet a few people!