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Gay Marriage in Hawaii and Elsewhere

As you probably now know, gay marriage in Hawaii, or civil unions, actually were legalized by a law signed by Governor Neil Abercrombie that went into effect as of January first of this year. But only 9 out of our 50 United States offer any type of legally recognized “gay marriage” as of today, so we need to support the rights of our sisters and brothers in other states and help move the groundswell forward.

Gay Hawaii GoogleSuffice it to say that we’re thrilled by the recent news that mega companies Google and Starbucks have added their names to the growing list of companies supporting gay marriage in Washington State. Companies such as Nike, Group Health Plan and Microsoft have already “come out” in support of two bills in the Washington State Legislature and we’re sure to see more join the initiatives before all is said and done.gay hawaii Starbucks

We can’t say that Washington State is considered one of the top gay destinations in the world, but every citizen everywhere deserves the right to a legal gay or lesbian wedding. Besides, they could get married there and then come to gay Hawaii for the honeymoon, right? Keep the faith Washington! We’re rooting for you down here!

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