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Special Message from Governor David Y. Ige

Special Message from Governor David Y. Ige The Hawai‘i Pride Guide February, 2015 Aloha and welcome to the readers of the Hawai‘i Pride Guide visiting our beautiful islands. The Hawai‘i Pride Guide provides the LGBT community with important information about the Aloha State. Within these pages, you will learn about the many products and amenities offered specifically for the LGBT community. You will also discover that the people of Hawai‘i truly believe in cultural diversity and that we recognize Gay and Lesbian tourism as an important industry that will support our economy. The Hawai‘i Pride Guide serves as a valuable resource for LGBT business owners and visitor industry service providers to promote the available goods and services that will help LGBT couples and their families create personal memories that will last a lifetime. Mahalo for choosing Hawai‘i as your vacation, wedding and/or honeymoon destination. Sincerely, DAVID Y. IGE Governor, State of Hawai‘i


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