Welcome to the gay friendly Island of Moloka’i!

Gay Hawaiian Culture and the Island of Moloka’i

Pala'au State Park

Photo from Hawaii State Parks

The fifth largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain, Molokai is radically different from some of the other, more touristy islands.  Molokai is an island of dichotomy.  The eastern half of the island is covered with lush vegetation and wet forests that receive over 300 inches of rainfall per year, while the western half of the island is nearly barren.  Made from two separate shield volcanoes, Molokai is home to some of the highest sea cliffs on the planet, as well one of the longest fringing reefs on Earth at nearly 25 miles long!

Molokai is steeped in native culture and the inhabitants are dedicated to preserving their deep cultural roots.  Molokai endeavors to maintain its native charm and was ranked #10 out of 111 human-inhabited islands and archipelagos by National Geographic Traveler magazine and the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations annual Destination Scorecard survey.  One of the criteria for this rating is “visitor-friendly culture”, and Molokai remains a gay Hawaiian travel destination for many.

Small, sustainable and visitor-friendly Molokai retains its appeal for tourists planning a gay Hawaiian getaway, gay or lesbian wedding or those looking for a low-key escape from the touristy hubbub you’ll find on some of the other islands.

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